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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Fictionwise Free eBooks: O. Henry

Now Fictionwise is giving away 4 free short story collections by O Henry (in addition to the 12 free Dickens novels) Free books - it couldn't hurt...

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Some Of This Week's Discount Coupons

Looking for a few bargains? Here are some of this week's discount codes and coupons:

PERFECTBOUND: Save An Additional 20% (Palm/Adobe/MS Reader) - 10-Dec-2003
Through December 31, enter coupon code MISTLETOE to receive an additional 20% off the already discounted prices of select titles that you purchase at the PerfectBound e-book store

SIMON AND SCHUSTER: Spend $15, Save An Additional 15% (Adobe/MS Reader/Palm) - 11-Dec-2003
Simon & Schuster has made taken their previous sale and gone one better. Instead of having to spend $30 to get the extra discount, you now only need to spend $15 to save an additional 15% off. Use discount code BONUS15 during checkout

PDM: Save An Additional 10% Off Titles $3.00 Or More (Palm) - 16-Dec-2003
Punch in this week's Promo Code BOTSWANA to receive a 10% discount off each book that you purchase. Offer good through December 23, 2003 on all books priced more than $3.00. Cannot be used in conjunction with other special offers.

No special codes needed for the 15% and 20% FICTIONWISE discounts -- see below for details.

Current Palm ebook releases from lesbian and feminist electronic publisher ArtemisPress

Another independent, online publisher worth checking out! There are currently 10 titles in categories including Romance, Mystery, and Humor.

Plus a small selection of public domain works by noted wowmen authors, available for free.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Fictionwise Sale

"Year End Store-Wide Sale -- Every eBook Discounted!

"From now through December 31st, every eBook at Fictionwise is on sale! All unencrypted MultiFormat eBooks are discounted 20% and all encrypted eBooks are 15% off. Buywise members discounts 'combine' with our sale prices! These sale prices are also good when you buy eBooks for your friends. Happy Holidays!"

Fictionwise eBooks: Free Charles Dickens

Are you a Dickens fan? If you are, you're in luck.

Just in time for the holidays, Fictionwise is giving away a dozen classics from Charles Dickens--including A Christmas Carol! All 12 will be free through December 25th

Apparently, Christmas is a good time to pick up Public Domain ebooks this year. Of course, most of these books are available for free, online, every day of the year from sources like Project Gutenberg, Black Mask, Abacci eBooks, The University of Pennsylvania, and The University of Virginia -- but it is nice to find them proof-read and already formatted for the Palm.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003


I'm not familiar with any of the writers or books listed here -- I just found this site.

However, the ebooks, very reasonably priced (around $5.00), are available in pdf, lit, RocketBook, and Palm formats.

"An erotic mystery...a serial killer with a lesbian profiler hot on his trail...a War of the Witches in 1941 Hollywood…a suicide that might be murder…a paper route, the backseat of a Falcon, and a case of blackmail…a water-breathing woman trying to return to her home planet to avenge her mother's death...Judy loves Barbara, but who the heck killed Carol?

"Meet the lesbian authors of DLSIJ Press.

"These pages will introduce you to each of them and to their twisting tales. You can read synopses and sample chapters. You can download their ebooks or order their paperbacks. You can delve into their fictional worlds, entering each at your own risk, knowing you may not return the same."

If you are looking for something new or different, this could be a place to start.


Saturday, December 13, 2003

Palm Digital Media: A Free Ebook Every DAy Until Christmas

Palm Digital Media is giving away one free ebook every day until Christmas.

"As our gift to you, we're giving away a different Palm Reader eBook every day, December 13th through the 24th. Come back every day to check out each day's new selection.

If you are new to Palm Digital Media, when you check out you will be asked to open an account and provide your credit card information. If you're not buying any books along with your free book, your credit card will not be charged. Our agreement with the publisher allows us to offer the books without charge, but requires us to lock the books to your credit card number. The first time you open an eBook on your handheld, you'll be asked to enter the name and credit card number that you entered in your account on our site.

Enjoy your free Palm Reader eBook!"

Today's book is The Secret Garden.

PDM's description: "FREE! for one day only. Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic story, originally published in 1911, tells of a most disagreeable child and her transformation via the magic of growing things."

Yes, it's a public domain book - no word on what will follow.

Free is free ... take a look.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Xena VHS & DVD at Overstock.com

I got my Season 2 DVDs at Overstock when they first were released for some ridiculously low price (maybe under $35?) If you missed them then, you can still get them now at a decent price, with really cheap shipping They're selling FIN on VHS for $2.00

These aren't used -- they're just cheap.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

10,000 eBooks

10,000 eBooks is another site translating the Project Gutenberg archives (in this case, the DVD) into something other than plain text.

Right now, the choices are:


The books are indexed alphabetically by author or title.

Friday, December 05, 2003

The Centaur Excavations at Volos

From the introduction:

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville is known internationally for its research on centaurs. The Jack E. Reese Galleria in the Hodges Libary includes one of the finest adult male centaurian specimens yet discovered, and the library includes the most extensive collections of centaurian epic literature in the south-eastern United States"

'Nuff said....

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

ClieSource - Get your Coupons Here

I never buy anything online without first doing a Google search for money off discount coupons. I couldn't even spend the measly $12.00 for ZLauncher (which is worth much, much more than $12.00) without looking for a coupon.

To my suprise, I found a thread at ClieSource which collects coupon codes and discount offered by the major Palm download sites.

If you are buying software, take a look through the thread -- you may save some money. (I did - I got $1.80 - 15% - off ZLauncher)

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

U Penn's Books Online

I love this list:

"Warning! Restricted Access!

The following books are by authors that have died more than 50 years ago, which places them in the public domain in many countries, particularly those outside the US and Europe. However, they remain copyrighted under United States law, where works copyrighted in 1923 or later can remain under copyright for up to 95 years after publication. Many of them are also copyrighted in European Union countries and other countries where copyrights can last longer than 50 years past the author's death. (Europe, for instance, uses a life plus 70 years term.)"

Remember -- no peeking - it wouldn't be fair to Walt Disney.


TTB - Freebies

From the introduction at Twilight Times Books:

"In any given week, there are a number of free e-books given away and we will list several of them bi-monthly. If you have never purchased an e-book or are simply new to the ordering process, this would be an excellent way for you to get started. Most e-publishers give you a choice of formats, tips on how to download and other useful info."

This is an interesting collection of links to free ebooks in a number of different genres from a number of different small presses.