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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Free Sample Books from Oxford University Press at Fictionwise

All Oxford University Press Free Sample Books are in Microsoft LIT format only

Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary [Free Sample]


This FREE 155-page sample of the Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary is available in MS Reader LIT Format.

The complete version of the Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary contains over 10,000 entries. This best-selling dictionary is indispensable both as a home medical guide and as an aid for all those working in the medical and allied professions. The entries are clearly laid out and jargon-free, making the book both accessible and informative. The terms and information in this dictionary follow UK general medical guidelines. It is important to receive advice from a doctor in relation to the taking of all prescribed medicines.

Oxford Dictionary of Law [Free Sample]


This FREE 80-page sample of the Oxford Dictionary of Law is available in MS Reader LIT Format.

The complete version of the Oxford Dictionary of Law contains 4,000 entries defining and explaining the major terms, concepts, processes, and organization of the law; Compiled by practising lawyers; Explains legal concepts as well as providing lexical definitions; Written in a clear and accessible style.

Pocket Oxford English Spanish Dictionary [Free Sample]


This FREE 260-page sample of the Pocket Oxford English Spanish Dictionary is available in MS Reader LIT Format.

The complete version of the Pocket Oxford English Spanish Dictionary contains over 90,000 words and phrases and over 130,000 translations. Derived from the universally acclaimed Oxford Spanish Dictionary, this dictionary is designed to meet the needs of students in their senior year, or studying for their Higher, or AS and A level qualification, as well as adult learners, and also business users.

A Dictionary of World History [Free Sample]


This FREE 162-page sample of A Dictionary of World History is available in MS Reader LIT Format.

The complete version of A Dictionary of World History contains over 4,700 entries, and covers 4,000 years of history. This new Oxford reference work is the most up-to-date dictionary of world history available in paperback. The generous coverage of all aspects of history, from prehistory right up to the present day, makes this book the ideal guide both for students and the general reader.

Sale on James Patterson Novels at Fictionwise

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Monday, June 28, 2004

Saudis beheaded 53 last year:

From the Chicago Sun Times:

"Saudis beheaded 53 last year but condemn killing innocents

June 27, 2004


RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- The Saudi government beheaded 52 men and one woman last year for crimes including murder, homosexuality, armed robbery and drug trafficking. "

I'm going to ignore the whole question of decapitation and terrorism and capital punishment in Saudi Arabia. I just want to highlight part of that first sentence: "The Saudi government beheaded 52 men and one woman last year for crimes including... homosexuality..."

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Worth Watching

I found this through Matt Yglesias

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Interview of the President by Radio and Television Ireland

And then, there are days when one is just proud to be Irish (or at least, Irish-American)

Official transcript of the interview here

Bush's whining discussed here

Now for Today's Test:

Compare & Contrast: Bush's deep understanding of the Irish/American relationship, viz.: "Listen, I hope the Irish people understand the great values of our country. ... But, you know, they must not understand if they're angry over Abu Ghraib."

With happier times:

Clinton in Ireland, 1998

JFK in Ireland, 1963

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Friday, June 25, 2004

Just Too Funny

The National Republican Senatorial Committee attacks Hillary Clinton for speaking at a fundraiser for Barack Obama that was attended by "gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders".


The article goes on to praise Obama's opponent for the Illinois Senate seat, Jack (Off) Ryan: "The gay and lesbian community is likely to promote Obama in the upcoming U.S. Senate race, as his position on gay rights issues lines up with their more than his opponent, Republican Jack Ryan...

"Ryan has declared his support for traditional marriage, and his opposition to gay marriage, civil unions and special rights based on sexual orientation."

Gotta love those Family Values

Bad Week for Cheney?

A round up of this week's Big Time Dick Cheney News:

Dick Cheney lied to Gloria Borger, who fought heroically to defend the First Amendment, Truth, Justice and the American Way by saying, "OK." See it here, in a great clip from The Daily Show

Dick Cheney told Pat Leahy to "Fuck off."

Al Gore, who you may recall as the last elected Vice President, gave a speech (which might make you wish Gore won the last Presidential election ...oops, never mind, he did), calling Cheney a liar:

"GORE: President Bush and Vice President Cheney have decided to fight to the rhetorical death over whether or not there's a meaningful connection between Iraq and al-Qaida. They think that if they lose that argument and people see the truth, then they'll not only lose support for the controversial decision to go to war, but also lose some of the new power they've picked up from the Congress and the courts, and face harsh political consequences at the hands of the American people. As a result, President Bush is now intentionally misleading the American people by continuing to aggressively and brazenly assert a linkage between al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein.

If he is not lying, if they genuinely believe that, that makes them unfit in battle with al-Qaida. If they believe these flimsy scraps, then who would want them in charge? Are they too dishonest or too gullible? Take your pick."

Full transcript here

There's a controversy about whether Dick ever talked to Bush about shooting down civilian airliners, or if he just ordered it on his own. We know he never consulted with Rummy.

Halliburton! Halliburton! Halliburton!

Don't even get me started on the Mary Cheney ads!

And now Digby posts this "Separated At Birth" photo:

Time to head back to the undisclosed location.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


From Sports Illustrated:

"WIMBLEDON, England (AP) -- It was just like old times for former Wimbledon champions Martina Navratilova and Goran Ivanisevic.

"Nine-time champ Navratilova returned to the All England Club for her first singles match in 10 years Monday -- and looked as if she's never been away.

"Serving and volleying in classic grass-court style, the 47-year-old Navratilova beat Colombia's Catalina Castano 6-0, 6-1 in 46 minutes in a rain-interrupted early match on the opening day of the 118th edition of the Grand Slam tournament."

Monday, June 21, 2004

The Struggle for Happiness by Ruthann Robson

eReader.com (aka Palm Digital Media) has Ruthann Robson's The Struggle For Happiness on sale, after the newsletter discount, for $7.88

From the blurb:

"One of the finest literary writers of the past decade, Ruthann Robson showcases her talent and range in The Struggle for Happiness. Linked thematically, the stories in this collection explore the strivings -- for love, for belonging, for home, and for happiness -- of her exquisitely drawn characters. Ranging in tone from utopian visions to stark realism and populated by a unique collection of women -- from the guitarist whose supposedly dead lover turns up at one of her concerts, to the professor who has lost her ability to trust anything; from the psychic at a popular gay resort, to the critic and would-be writer -- the pieces in The Struggle for Happiness are delicate, intricate, and powerful. Sure to delight and astonish, this is Robson at her finest"

Normally, I'd also provide a pointer to Fictionwise's listing, but not only is the Fictionwise price several dollars higher, they have stupidly listed the book in the Self-Improvement category. Sigh.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Xena Season 4 DVD

DeepDiscountDVD.com is selling the Season 4 XWP DVDs for $47.99 -- but here's the good part:

Through the end of June, they are offering Free Shipping and a 20% discount if you use the Promo Code DEEPDISCOUNT

That brings the price of the Season 4 DVD set down to under $38.50 - not a bad price.

(The discount and free shipping apply to any DVD currently in stock -- but you can only use the discount once. So make all your purchases at one time.)

Friday, June 18, 2004

Audio Books

Do you listen to Audio Books?

If you have an OS 5 Palm (Tungsten series, Zire 71, some Clies) or a PocketPC - there is a free Audible player for them. You can listen to any Audible book on your Audible Player equipped PDA. Right now, Audible is selling all any and all of their books for $9.95

"Save BIG at Audible’s $9.95 Sale!

Terms and conditions
All audiobooks will cost $9.95 from June 16, 2004 through June 21, 2004.
This offer is valid on all audiobooks priced higher than $9.95.
Customers can purchase as many audiobooks as they want.
The discounted price will be applied during checkout."

Of course, if you really enjoy audio books, the monthly subscription plan (any 2 books for $20.00 a month) is the way to go. But if you don't want to be locked into a 1 year contract, now if the time to stock up.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Fictionwise eBooks: Gift Certificate

"Fictionwise Gift Certificates & Gift Packs: Limited Time Offer: Father's Day Special

Choose our special "$50 Father's Day Gift Certificate" from now until June 20th for only $39.95. Just select the first item on the GIFT PACK menu below. Note: Credit card only transaction.

Note: A member cannot cash his or her own gift certificate purchased under this promotion"

$50.00 worth of ebooks for $40.00 -- not a bad deal. But note the caveat: "A member cannot cash his or her own gift certificate purchased under this promotion" I think you'll have to ask your partner to give you a gift...

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Deadly Anniversary

A Lesbian Mystery available at Fictionwise:

"Young females with multiple stab wounds, wearing pink and black negligees, clutching rose petals, displayed like pieces of depraved art ... these are the only clues. Who is slaughtering women in the Fort Worth area? The police have dubbed him "Deadly Don Juan" and have turned over the case to the Special Task Force that deals with serial killers. As part of this team, Dr. Cheri Brannon, criminal psychologist, is suddenly in charge of profiling this elusive killer. Through evidence, through intuition, she endeavors to invade his psyche in search of the viable means to his end. Walk with her as she attempts to stop him--before the next Deadly Anniversary becomes her own. (Lesbian Mystery)"

There's a new book discount of 15% - so the price is $4.21 or $3.58 for Buywise Club Members

The Origin of Deanna Dorak

Lesbian Sci-Fi at Fictionwise:

"Is she merely a freak of nature ... or is she from another world? Deanna Dorak suddenly finds herself alone in the world, and begins to realize that it may not even be her world. With confusing images forcing their way into her consciousness, she struggles to understand who she is and why she's here. She elicits the help of her best friend and former lover, Kate, who believes that all of Deanna's problems stem from her inability to accept her mother's death. That is until she sees the gills that have begun to form on Deanna's sides. Kate brings Deanna to Dr. Jason Alexander who vows to help her and protect her from government scientists. Soon after, Kate's body is pulled from the river--someone broke her neck. A frantic search for answers takes Deanna on the quest of her life. Is she the reason her friend was killed? Is Jason friend or foe ... is he holding her captive for his own scientific research? Is she really from another planet, an underwater world inhabited only by women? Can she trust the detective assigned to solve Kate's murder? Can she trust her own self?"

With the 15% New Book discount, The Origin of Deanna Dorak costs $4.21 or $3.58 for Buywise Club Members

For I Have Sinned [A Siobhan Donahue Mystery]

Here's another new Lesbian mystery (that I know nothing about) available at Fictionwise:

"Lesbian PI investigates Boston dyke slaying. In a novel as timely as today's headlines, bestselling author J. T. Langdon explores new literary territory as Manhattan based private detective Siobhan Donahue returns to Boston to attend the funeral of an old friend and ends up hip deep in both trouble and women in this new erotic thriller power politics, the church, and city's queer community. Helen Kramer was the sister Siobhan never had. Felix Kramer was the woman Siobhan always wanted. When Felix asks Siobhan to investigate Helen's death, Siobhan finds herself trying to unravel a mystery that gets seems to get more complicated at every turn. It seems the more she learns, the less she knows, and the more her life is threatened. The key to understanding Helen's death is in understand her life, and in the process Siobhan discovers more about Helen than she ever wanted to. Helen wasn't the sweet girl she remembered from her childhood growing up in Boston and Siobhan is quickly plunged into a world of drugs and prostitution, where sex sells and everyone seems to be buying. Complicating matters is her attraction to Felix, something she thought had been put to rest years ago. But being close to Felix again breathes new life into old desires, making a tough case even tougher. Can Siobhan do her job with Felix around? Can she learn the truth about Helen's death and without it costing her life? Can she keep her hands off all the women she meets during her investigation? Find out in this scorching novel from best selling author J.T. Langdon."

It's available with a 15% new book discount -- $3.40 or $2.89 for Buywise Club Members.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Pretext for War

Fictionwise is offering a 20%Micropay rebate on James Bamford's new book, Pretext for War, on top of the "publisher's discount price."

So- the price after rebate is $7.96 (or $6.77 for BuyWise Club Members) A pretty good deal, since PDM (aka eReader) disallows the Newsletter discount on this book.

The Bybee Memo

From Discourse.net: "The Washington Post has placed online the full text of an August 1, 2002 memo from the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) to White House Legal Counsel Alberto R. Gonzales."

Just in case you are trying to keep track, we have always been at war with Oceania!

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Dar Roberts??

And then sometimes there's that other Dar Roberts....

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Iraq Coalition Casualties

What the government would rather not mention:

No sate funerals, no national mourning, no round-the-clock-TV covergae ... just lots of dead kids

Sisyphus Shrugged - torture link dump

A round up of the news about the real state of America : Torture Link Dump

Friday, June 11, 2004

PDA Fiction - Project Gutenberg Classics

Anna Karenina is now available on PDAFiction in eReader (aka Palm Reader) format

"Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

Skip the state funeral, turn off the TV and read a good book.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The Torture Memo

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal -- the Torture Memo in PDF format. (You do not need to be a WJS subscriber to access this)

Maybe I ought to post links to the US Constituion as a counter to this travesty.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Observers And Other Stories by Eleanor Lerman

Artemis Press has Observer and Other Stories, a collection of stories by Eleanor Lerman for just $5.95 Available in PDF, Palm Doc, RocketBook, and HTML

There's also a special PDF version with a signature and voice message from Eleanor Lerman for $9.95

I read Armed Love, Eleanor Lerman's first book of poetry, about 25 years ago. These stories seem somewhat tamer, judging by the excerpt -- but anything from Eleanor Lerman is worth reading.

It's hard to choose just one Eleanor Lerman poem, but here's "Will Someone Who Is Not Guilty" from Armed Love to lure you into the world of Eleanor Lerman:

Will Someone Who Is Not Guilty

Will someone who is not given to
vague feelings of terror and guilt please come over
and remove my telephone?
Suddenly, people with quavering voices have
taken to calling me at strange hours of the night
and asking for Angelica
I once did terrible things to a girl named
Angelica and I hate to think
what all this means

GLB e-Books

GLB Publishers has a number of novels and short stories available in ebook format (Adobe, HTML, RocketBook, etc -- no purely PDA formats) The books are mostly by and for men. There are several titles in their collection which have been nominated for awards. Take a look:


Friday, June 04, 2004

100% Rebate on Diary of the Rose

Are you an Ursula K Le Guin fan?

If you are, take note: Fictionwise is offering a 100% Micropay rebate on The Diary of the Rose in unencrypted multi-format. This short story was a Locus Poll Award and Hugo Award nominee.

Regular price is under a dollar - rebate makes it free.

Blayne Cooper Fans Rejoice!

Blayne Cooper's latest novel, Unbreakable, will be published by Fortitude Press in 2005.

You can read the on-line version in either Plain Doc or Palm Reader format at PDAFiction now. Don't miss it -- it's another terrific read from Blayne Cooper (aka Advocate)

More Ambrose Bierce

It's a satire and collection of aphorisms rather than a dictionary, but Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary can help you understand the meanings behind the words.

For instance: "CHRISTIAN, n. One who believes that the New Testament is a divinely inspired book admirably suited to the spiritual needs of his neighbor."

The Devil's Dictionary is now available from the PDAFiction Gutenberg Archives. Download it in Palm Reader format here

Palm Sunday

I haven't read this book (yet) - so I can't actually recommend it. But if you are interested in a techno-thriller that has a PDA at the heart of the story, this might be the book for you.

Aside from the paper editions, it is also available in unencrypted Palm Reader, iSilo, and MS Reader versions

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11

Wanna watch? The trailer and 3 scenes are on-line.

The Bush administration is coming apart at the seams. Time to get these guys gone.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Grammar, Syntax and Style

Do you want to read Eats, Shoots and Leaves but you can't afford it? Have you been eyeing Bryson's Dictionary of Troublesome Words and waiting for the price to come down?

Why not try Ambrose Bierce's 1909 style manual, Write It Right, instead? It's recently been released by Project Gutenberg, and is now available from PDAFiction in Palm Reader format. And it's free.

A taste: "Gubernatorial. Eschew it; it is not English, is needless and bombastic. Leave it to those who call a political office a 'chair.' 'Gubernatorial chair' is good enough for them. So is hanging."

Fictionwise eBooks: Laurell K. Hamilton

Fictionwise has added the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series to its Laurell K Hamilton selection. If you're an Anita Blake fan, this is a good time to buy -- Fictionwise is still offering a 25% rebate on all secure ebooks (and 25% off on all multi-format ebooks)

Dostoyevsky In Palm Reader Format

Feeling a lot of existential angst these days? Let your reading reflect your disaffection!

Two classics by Fyodor Dostoyevsky have been added to PDAFiction's Gutenberg Archives:

Notes From Underground
Crime And Punishment

All PDAFiction versions of Gutenberg ebooks are in Palm Reader Format (aka eReder)You can download it for free here. If you decide not to upgrade to eReader Pro, after the 15 days the Pro features (which don't amount to a hill of beans) will be disabled, but you can continue to use eReader freely.