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Friday, September 22, 2006

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MobiPocket Makes Creator Free

Amazon bought Mobipocket some time ago. Last month, Amazon stopped carrying PDF and LIT ebooks, and began redirecting all their ebook traffic to the Mobipocket site.

As part of this new regime, Amazon has made the Mobi Creator software free.

That's both the Home and Professional editions - free. They are now rolled into one application, just called "Creator." When you install it, you ae asked to choose the Home or Professional edition. The Pro edition allows you to make Mobi ebooks directly from HTML, Word and PDF docs (at least theoretically - the PDF stuff never works right with complex PDFs).

The Mobi Reader is also free now. And there is a new Beta version of the Desktop Reader available.

So if you use MobiPocket as your preferred reader, grab a copy of all this free stuff before Amazon changes the rules again