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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mind Mapping

If you use mind mapping software - or if you've been curious about it, but have been put off by the high price tag - there are two new entries worth a look: one free and one free just for today.

Mindomo is a web-based mindmapping tool, still in beta. With a broadband internet connection, it is very snappy. I didn't notice any appreciable speed difference between the web-based Mindomo and my desktop based mind mapping software.

The big advantage of a web based mind map, of course, is that you can access it from anywhwere, with any computer, whether it has mind mapping software installed or not.

For free, Mindomo is certainly worth a look! (h/t jkOnTheRun)

The other program - free just for today thanks to Giveaway Of The Day - is ConceptDraw's MindMap Personal. MindMap Personal is a desktop app, similar in many ways to MinddJet's MindManager. Except today, via GOTD, it's free. Don't miss this one!

And, if you are not familiar with Giveaway of the Day, you might want to bookmark them, while you are there.

While we are on the subject of mind mapping - let me get in a plug for my favorite - non-graphical but incredibly useful - outlining/mind mapping program: Brainstorm

It may lack the eye candy of the other programs, but it is incredibly powerful.